Who Is Dr. Irene Amos?

Dr. Irene Amos was born and raised in Blackhawk, MS, a small community with plenty of dirt roads in the MS Delta. Dr. Amos is the tenth of fourteen children born to Tanner and Clara Amos who are both deceased. Her parents, who didn’t finish elementary school, instilled in her the priceless value of an education. Several of her siblings that epitomized determination and initiative also inspired her to become an educator. Dr. Amos has a fraternal twin sister named Darlene who lives in Charlotte, NC. She has two children, Xavier Rashad Amos and Jeremy Phillips.

Dr. Amos graduated from Vaiden High School. In August of 1997, Dr. Amos earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from one of her first loves, the University of Mississippi. In August of 2004, Dr. Amos received her Masters Degree in secondary education from William Carey College. Her love for learning continued at the University of Southern Mississippi where she earned a Specialist Degree in education administration in June of 2006 and a Doctoral degree in education administration in December 2011.                             

With twelve years of experience teaching English and reading comprehension, Dr. Amos has been recognized by local school districts, Gulfport, Gautier, and Forrest County for applying best practices, unique teaching strategies, and educational philosophy to provide valuable resourcefulness that produces growth or academic success for children. She love students and considers it a privilege to make a difference in their lives through education. With a deep passion for education, Dr. Amos believes the most rewarding part of her work is the quality time spent with children and teachers.  The most challenging part of her job is the power or “political” struggles each year between politicians and educators whose main goal should be in every decision to do what’s best for children in the state of Mississippi. She possesses a solid track record for motivating slow learners, coordinating team teaching activities, and facilitating small group instruction for academic success. She has fifteen years of experience as an English and reading teacher, assistant principal, academic coach, and principal. As the former principal of Cares, a nonpublic school in Saucier, MS; Dr. Amos obtained initial accreditation through the Mississippi Department of Education. She also coached track and cross country at Gulfport Central Middle School and Gulfport High School. For several years, Dr. Amos was a referee for basketball games.

Currently, she owns Amos Education Consulting (AEC), that has been in operation since November 11, 2013.  AEC serves as a community education resource that provides tutoring services for children and career management for adults that include creating and editing resumes, business plans, filling out online federal job applications, etc. AEC also has writers available that will take care of your writing needs such as college scholarly research papers, speeches, etc.

In March of 2016, Dr. Amos retired from the United States Army Reserve; some of her military accomplishments include being a commander and a certified master fitness trainer. Her technical writing ability was sought after by her peers and superiors. Dr. Amos was also one of the 45 finalists selected for the Gulf Coast Woman of Achievement Success Conference 2016 in the category of education. Dr. Amos loves to read, meditate, write, and exercise as much as possible. She also enjoys worshiping and praising God; she is a member of Northwood Church in Gulfport, MS.