Dr. Irene Amos is an intelligent and insightful educator who demonstrated a strong commitment to her duties as an assistant principal at North Forrest High School. For Dr. Amos, student learning is a priority. Extensive knowledge of effective instructional practices enabled her to provide informative and beneficial feedback to teachers. With high expectations for student learning, Dr. Amos provided classroom management support and reinforced her expectations with students. 

In dealing with student disciplinary issues, Dr. Amos was mindful of factors such as poverty, abuse, and lack of family support as she encouraged and motivated young people to persevere and focus on their educational goals. Her concern for students was evident as she worked to develop relationships and provide mentoring. Some of the students I taught were significantly impacted by her guidance and wisdom. 

Dr. Amos was tireless in fulfilling her duties as an administrator. I admired her work ethic, passion for students, and military service to our country. I appreciated her willingness to address problems and provide support when needed. It was my privilege to work with Dr. Amos, to benefit from her expertise, and to observe the difference she made with students and teachers. – Lucretia Carpenter, Biology teacher 

I have known Dr. Irene Amos for at least 10 years. In these 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure to see her work in the capacities of a coach, English teacher, school administrator, and business owner. In each of these capacities, Dr. Amos’ main focus was helping children to believe in themselves and achieve their greatest potential. Her classroom lessons were more than just textbook lessons. She always presented her lessons in ways that were exciting and students could relate to. I remember all the times when we would be watching football Super Bowl games together and enjoying all the commercials, and she was sitting there recording and critiquing them to use them to teach English/language objectives to her students. Dr. Amos was that teacher who had high expectations not only for her students, but also for herself. As a teacher, administrator, and business owner, she works to create a positive atmosphere for students and parents. Her goal is not just to have an impact on others, but to make a difference in other people’s lives. Dr. Amos is a wonderful educator who gives her time tutoring struggling students, helping parents develop skills needed to build positive relationships with the schools and with their students, and keeping them knowledgeable of educational trends. Dr. Irene Amos is a great educator because she always has a plan and a purpose for everything she does. If things don’t work out the way she had envisioned, she reflects on what could have been done differently and she adjusts her plans accordingly. She is a great educator that wants to continue to make a difference in the lives of children, parents, and those aspiring to become teachers. – Venita Goins, Elementary Special Education Case Manager, Gulfport School District

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of being under the guidance of Dr. Irene Amos from 2010 to 2012 at North Forrest High School. During this time, she served as the Vice-Principal. Dr. Amos helped me mature as a young man in more ways than one would imagine.

There were times that she deservingly disciplined me with the intent of making me a better student. There were also times that she offered a shoulder of support. She even brought a unique sense of humor with her throughout the halls that made attending North Forrest a lot easier.

As a mentor, Dr. Amos has maintained an open-door policy throughout the last five years. Whenever I need advice, she’s still willing to hear my concerns and advise me in the right direction even after so much time. She has provided me with the comforting words when I needed them, as well as the tough love. Until this day, I am proud to call her my mentor and more importantly, my friend.


Logan Wilson

School of Medicine 2020 Graduate

University of Mississippi Medical Center 

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Alonzo Davis

US Army Retiree

In her role as my assistant principal, Dr. Amos often went out of her way to speak to students who were having issues away from school and tried to develop good rapport with all of the students on campus.  She made it apparent to our students that she genuinely cared for them both at school and off campus.  Dr. Amos is a team player and has on multiple occasions stepped in and taught language arts classes when we were low on substitute teachers so that the students wouldn’t miss a day of instruction.

Probably most impressive about Dr. Amos is her strong faith and the way it shapes how she sees her role as an educator.  Dr. Amos always looks for the best in people and is able to empathize with students who are having a tough time all while holding them responsible for their actions.  She is able to be firm and empathetic because she genuinely cares for students.  

Larry Johnson

Former Principal

North Forrest High School

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Amos during the years of 2008 through 2011. During this time I was in her classroom often because I was a TST coordinator, I was often in classrooms observing teacher and student interactions and what accommodations had been provided  to help foster student achievement. Dr. Amos provided a variety of different learning techniques and styles that assured her students were comfortable with learning.  Alternative methods  and resources were used to facilitate active learning.  She held her students to a higher level of accountability as she holds herself. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial. 

Debby Pruett

Retired Teacher

TST Coordinator